CReators for Collaboration

LIAISE is the first app to connect creators to creators for collaboration.

Our legal-contract generation feature ensure creators follow through on their collaborations.

It’s hard to meet high-quality creatives online.

LIAISE provides a seamless experience to elevate your content through collaboration.

Liaise Connects

Models with Photographers

Creators with Creators

Videographers with Editors

Film Directors with Actresses

Designers with Marketers

and more...

Our creators have worked with the best 

Creators noted collaborations outperform their individual content 87% of the time

Creative Collaborations




we Can't Be Good at Everything

In order to grow, creative
entrepreneurs need to specialize.
Many times this means relying on others so you can focus on your speciality. 

That is why LIAISE leverages
industry-specific creators to introduce you to high value partners.


Partners You
Can Trust

Members of the LIAISE community are thoroughly vetted by our experienced team to ensure each creative provides concrete value.

We Only
Need Minutes

We’ve crafted an efficient search experience that’s seamlessly designed to find you gifted partners in minutes.

Two Brains are
Better than One

When top-tier creatives team up, the content they create together stands out from the sea of competitors fighting for brand budgets.

To Be The World's Best Rolodex, Always Waiting

Your professional life comes in waves, and the LIAISE network will always have a partner solution for your creative challenges.

It’s time to connect.

Scale like never before with LIAISE.